Fallen God - Tutorial

It's finally here!

Here's an image for my latest Gumroad tutorial covering some advanced techniques. This video series will take you through my thought process on creating a finished painting starting with a 3D render as my base.

Here's the link if you are interested! gumroad.com/l/smSH
Paypal is now on Gumroad!

Hi-res link on Artstation: goo.gl/l9UmxI

Don't know Modo? No problem! Feel free to skip ahead to the painting section of the video or watch Vaughan Ling's FREE intro to modo video.


  1. Thank You, Love this trick with displacement, I've never thought about rising value so much but it can creates really nice scenery :)

  2. Bought! Amazing piece. Keep them coming, Eytan!

  3. Thanks For Sharing the wonderful information...........


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