Uncharted 3!!! And Stuff!!!

London Underground

Chateau Keep

Yemen - Planetarium Room

Desert Chase!

Marketing art (Tag Teamed with Robh Ruppel)

Yemen Temple

Yemen Temple (Early Sketches)

London Color Keys

Planetarium Prop

Cipher Disk (Early Concept)

Sandlantis Elevator

Yemen Temple Puzzle Idea

Puzzle Gears

Puzzle Staff

Uncharted 3. This was definitely a HUGE experience for me. I was EXTREMELY lucky to be able to work on such an amazing game with such an incredible team. Working on this game was such a huge learning experience not just in the technical art sense but also in understanding the inner workings of  a studio set out to make a game so deliciously ambitious.  Hope you enjoy the game!

Also here's some work I did a while ago for Magic The Gathering and Spyro The Dragon. Completely different styles but super fun!

Brimstone Volley 

 Kessig Wolf Run




  1. Face melting!!! Awesome job buddy way to kill it!

  2. Niceeeeee young ju hyung!!!!

  3. Super sick man!!! Amazing work!

  4. dyyuuuuuude these are freakin' awesomeeeeee!!! oh my god this made me happy

  5. The eagle strikes back ! BAM ! Love that yemen temple and related sketches ! top right corner should be fleshed out into a full illo imo.

  6. Super sick stuff! glad to see all the new work bro!

  7. These are all so good man! Awesome work and it was lot of fun working with ya!
    Hope all is well. :)

  8. Just got back from walking around London so the colour keys are my current favourite from this truly amazing drop of art :).

    Love the more stylised art too. Kicking major cheeks, Eytan!

  9. Awesome work as always man. I also like the stylized ones.

  10. All your works are very nice.lighting part is well done.

  11. Hey EZ, thanks so much for posting I really enjoy seeing your work, keep it up!

  12. Heeelll yeah love the update bro. so much goodies.

  13. That "Yemen Temple" looks exactly like this tomb in Pakistan: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/--N4wkInnVTI/T7zop1xAt9I/AAAAAAAAAjM/WEzWKQuYQlA/s1600/Shah-Ruk-e-Alam.jpg