Ancient Ruins

Composition still needs work. Maybe a few inches added to the right...


  1. Sweet!!! Just need to throw in those kids on some magical bikes and it will be epic.

  2. Wow dude you have some really nice environments, especially the black and white thumbs! You have to teach me a thing or two about your process, im jealous!

  3. whoaaaaa eytan!!!! love this one, great lighting and color. hey by the way when is your guys' grad show, I wanna make sure I dont miss that.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Luke - will do.

    Mark - hah anytime man, I'm sure I have nothing to teach you.

    John - thanks man, the show is the thursday and friday before mothers day so May 7th and 6th. The 6th is industry night, so it'll probably be less packed if you come then.