Final Product.

I did these mood boards for a NASCAR Commercial done by the folks at Zoic Studios. It was a friggin blast to work on and I was really happy with the outcome. Been dyin' to post these...

You can see the finished product here:

The tone and color palette of the spot changed sort of last minute, but I think it still looks bomb.

And an article on the creation of the spot:

All images courtesy Zoic Studios.


  1. "We had an illustrator, Eytan Zana, who did a phenomenal job setting the tone and palette.” Zana worked with Wieden+Kennedy, and with Derich Wittliff and Darrin Isono of Zoic’s design department, applying the Nationwide Pantone color to the stickers, the cars, and the track." -- from the Zoic website


  2. Eytan Big ups to you! Really nice updates i especially love the b&w thumbnails. many variations and huge potential of being awesome paintings which i hope you will with at least 3 of them, or!!!

    peace keep up the good work

  3. Sweet, nice to finaly see them out and about!

  4. Yo Eytan,

    Thx for the comment, dude love the sequence paintings for the race concept. Awesome work as always.


  5. it was nice meeting you in person Eytan!

    Keep up the awesome work man!!!

  6. These are cool.
    We gossiped about you at Zoic.. All good things tho no worries ;)