And Boom

some gun designs done between breaks at work. mad fun.


  1. nicee, love the top left two and the um..7th one haha

  2. sweet stuff eytan!

    I went to this career gaming talk in Dallas Texas last weekend, and the dude (Jay Hawkins), who did the concepts for the characters and weapons of Gears of War was there talking about how stupid he thought it was to have a chainsaw attached to a gun. He even tried to sabotage the idea by adding Home Depot style saws to the early concepts, then he realized how wrong he was..i thought it was a funny story better told by him.
    Anyway, can't wait to see your senior show!

  3. Nice, big dog!
    Where you working now, ILM, SONY, EA?
    Nice weapon designs, I like the two in the middle - first row

  4. sweet! i really like the bottom middle left one and the very bottom one

  5. Wow! Thanks everyone! I really should have labeled these guns or something as I have no idea which guns you guys are talking about. But, hey as long as you even like any of them, its all good.

    Devon - Thanks bud!

    Wade- Thanks dude! I can't believe you met HawkPrey! Tell me more!

    Nicholas - Thanks dude, hah no. I wish. Maybe someday. I'm working at Art Machine along with half of the Co Arts department, and its pretty rad.

    Cliff - Thanks man, much appreciated.

    Josh Kao - Wow thanks man, an honor coming from you!

  6. Hey Eytan,

    I hope you are having fun summer break!

    These are awesome sketches.

    be ready for next term!


  7. awesome style on these, great work.